Rodent Program

Rodent Program


  • There is a List-serv (UCSF Mousers) for animal researchers: To join the listserv, please send an email with "subscribe UCSF-Mousers" in the body of the email to [email protected]


UCSF Rodent Cores

              -To access the NCRR at PSB, personnel must meet all requirements to gain access to PSB as well as the requirements specific to NCRR.
              - NCRR requirements (Click here)
              - About
              - Policies and guidelines


Policies and Guidelines


  • Treatment (TX) and Controlled Drugs
      - Species Specific Formulary (see veterinary information on main menu)
      - New! Mouse Dosage Calculator
         * For questions on Mouse Dosage Calculator please email [email protected]


       - Anesthesia, Analgesia and Animal Pain Management





Ordering: please email [email protected]


  • Euthanasia
                - Policies & guidelines
                - Recharges: Per AT time units


  • IACUC Rodent Housing Policies
                - Mouse Cage Density (Click Here)
                - Rat Cage Density (Click Here)


           - Transports
           - Importing
           - Exporting
           - Additional lab work (special requests)



           -Contact LARC Veterinary staff or IACUC at [email protected] for guidance on technical procedures and services such as blood collecting, necropsy, etc.