Facilities: Access

This policy pertains to all LARC facilities. 

Gaining Access:

- To gain access to a LARC facility at UCSF complete the following:          

  1. Listed on IACUC-approved protocol
  2. BRER I,  BRER II (anesthesia or surgery) and Species-specific hands-on training class
  3. MHS Questionnaire
  4. Animal Facility Access Form
  5. Facility Orientation
  6. In-And-Out Barriers
  7. UCSF proximity card


  • Scroll down to bottom of page for information on how to gain access to Neurobehavioral Core for Rehabilitation Research (NCRR)


  1. IACUC-approved protocol: You must be listed on an IACUC-approved protocol.
    • This must be done by the PI or Alternate Responsible Individual of the protocol by generating a modification request in RIO. There is a check box on the modification page that indicates changes in personnel only, which IACUC office staff can approve quickly if all the above training is completed.
    • Wait until the modification is approved by the IACUC office before beginning work with live animals.
    • Contact the IACUC Training group with questions, [email protected] , or 476-2197.


  1. Complete the required training


  1. MHS Questionnaire


 4. Facility access request: Complete the Request Form for Facility Access form and the LARC Access Approval Form and bring to the LARC supervisor at the time of your in-person Facility Orientation.

  • For the Parnassus campus (PSB and Animal Towers) bring the completed and signed form to S488 for proxy card activation.
  • For all other campuses, the LARC supervisor will complete the steps to activate the card.


 5. In-Person Facility Orientation:


 6.  In-And-Out Barriers: Complete the signature page of the Policies and Procedures for In & Out Barrier

  • This packet is also available during the Facility Orientation. Read this packet which details the proper use and your responsibilities for using the In & Out Barrier. Complete the last page and return to LARC.


 7. Proxy ID cards: Getting Access 


Access to Neurobehavioral Core for Rehabilitation Research (NCRR):

  • To access the NCRR at PSB, personnel must meet all requirements to gain access to PSB as well as the requirements specific to NCRR.
  • NCRR requirements
  • NCRR website


Feel free to contact the IACUC Training group with questions, [email protected] , or 415-476-2197.