Transports and Shipping



  • All barrier to barrier transfers of rodents, including transfers within the same building, must be screened for fur mites and pinworms, and the transfer must be approved through the EVC&P’s Business Service Center before the animals can be moved. PLEASE NOTE: For transfers going to Gladstone, Neurosciences, Rock Hall and select Parnassus rooms, lab staff will need to collect their own fur mite and pinworm samples and will need to submit them to LARC vet nurse staff (click here for detailed instructions). For transfers going to Gladstone Behavioral Core and for all transfers within Gladstone, lab staff is required to collect their own fur mite and pinworm samples and submit them as well (click here for detailed instructions). ** To access link for detailed instructions you need to be connected to UCSF computer and logged into RIO.


  • To transport rodents please do the following:

                           - Enter a New Animal Transfer via RIO at least 48 hours before transport is needed (larger transports may take more time).

                           -Tag the cages for transport.

  • Please note that any transfer can take up to 2 weeks to complete due to screening time.
  • Your lab will be contacted once the transport has been cleared.


For questions please contact the EVC&P’s Business Service Center at email [email protected].