Mouse Pathology Core

The Mouse Pathology Core, along with the Tissue Core, and the IHC is now a subdivision of the combined Biorepository and Tissue Biomarker Technology Core. In addition to the histology services listed below the BTBTC offers biomarker staining and development (IHC and IF) for both human and mouse targets and slide scanning.

The Mouse Pathology Core offers a variety of histology services designed to support your research such as:

  • Processing of fixed tissues for paraffin-embedding
  • Decalcification of bony specimens prior to processing
  • Paraffin-embedding
  • Microtome sectioning of paraffin-embedded tissue blocks
  • Cryosectioning of OCT-embedded tissue blocks
  • Hematoxylin & Eosin staining of paraffin-embedded tissue sections and of OCT-embedded tissue sections
  • Other Special Stains such as Trichrome (Gomori’s and Mason’s) upon request
  • CBC: Our automated complete blood cell count including WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, MCV, and platelet count (Hemavet located on the Parnassus Campus in Med. Sci. 577; please contact [email protected] for training and access)
  • Training on equipment and for histology techniques including the sectioning of both paraffin embedded and frozen OCT embedded specimens
    MPC workshops can be tailored to your specific histology interests and are offered for individuals or small groups

The MPC offers fast turn-around times, with a usual turn-around time of ten business days.
While we are located on the Mt. Zion Campus at 2340 Sutter Street Room S-241 we do offer a convenient sample drop box at Parnassus in the LARC facility on the third floor of the PSB, across from the elevator. Drop box pick-up occurs on Fridays (excluding holidays) by request. To ensure pick-up please have your orders in the drop box by end of day Thursday and email [email protected] or [email protected] by 3PM on Thursday to schedule your pick-up.

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If you have not used the Mouse Pathology Core in the past please let us know how we can make our services more accessible to you. Call us at 415 514-3500 or email [email protected]